College Vision

Koonung Secondary College will build an innovative learning environment in which students develop a strong sense of citizenship, self-awareness, and strive to achieve their academic potential.

As a 21st Century learning community, we recognise the importance of developing the global competencies required for individuals to be successful citizens in the future. These competencies include digital literacy, social skills, creativity, innovation, problem solving skills and leadership capacity.

This college has a strong commitment to providing our future leaders, with the best possible set of skills, capabilities and knowledge to equip them to build a harmonious, prosperous and sustainable future for us all. 

To achieve this our teachers are committed to working to develop and deliver an engaging curriculum. They will support our students with their time and hard work whilst investing in strong relationships to create a safe and challenging learning environment in which we can all grow together.

College Values


  • Having high expectations and being aspirational
  • Always doing your best and supporting and celebrating others to do the same
  • Striving for continuous improvement in the teaching and learning program


  • Working together in a positive and constructive way.
  • Providing support to all members of the college community 
  • Contributing to a safe, secure environment


  • Acceptance of individual differences and cultural diversity
  • Taking care of the physical environment and the property of others 
  • Demonstrating self-respect


  • Aiming for improvement through effort and hard work
  • Setting goals and working towards them
  • Having a positive mindset


  • Being persistent and learning from mistakes
  • Having the courage to give and accept advice for improvement
  • Positively adapting to change


  • Thinking critically to problem solve
  • Demonstrating a love of learning
  • Having the confidence to try new things and seek alternative solutions

At Koonung Secondary College we believe if our students and staff aim to uphold these values they will be well placed to be active and empowered global citizens.