Koonung Secondary College is a universal One to One notebook computer school, where every student from Year 7 to 12 has access to their own school leased notebook computer. In 2015, all students at Koonung are invited and encouraged to participate in the One to One Notebook Computer Program on a user pays basis.

Our One to One program has been operating since 2012 and is hugely successful. One to One notebook computer access gives students and their teachers more opportunity to work and learn in a 21st Century context. Students in the notebook program learn to navigate and research in the digital landscape and become responsible cyber citizens. They have access to a huge variety of global resources to improve their learning, using technology to create, communicate, and demonstrate understanding.

In 2017, students joining the Notebook Program will be offered the Acer Switch Alpha 12 convertible touchscreen device with interactive pen. The device comes complete with the DET EduSTAR image, which includes a huge variety of licensed software, 3-year warranty, and insurance for accidental damage.