Sponsorship from the community may come in the form of money, goods or services.  In all cases the result of such sponsorship should be the enhancement of educational opportunities for students.

From time to time sponsorship may be offered to or sought by the Koonung school community.  The resources provided by any sponsor should result in an enhancement of the schools educational activities.

Examples of how sponsorship resources might be used include:

  • Provision of classroom equipment and technology;
  • Maintenance and upgrade of school recreational and sporting facilities;
  • Development and implementation of curricula including specialist program areas and co-curricular programs.



 1. Guidelines: 

1.1 All proposals will require the approval of the School Council.

1.2 School Council will be responsible for the implementation and evaluation of any relationship or sponsorship agreements.

1.3 Where necessary, School Council will seek legal, ethical or other expert advice to ensure decisions safeguard the interests of all students.

1.4 Individuals will not be obliged to promote or participate in any relationship to which they may have some ethical objection.

1.5 School community business partnerships will be limited to persons who can demonstrate an involvement that will contribute to the educational purposes of the school and a public image that is consistent with the values, goals and policies of the Department of Education Employment and Training and the local school community.

1.6 Relations will not be entered into with companies involved with tobacco, alcohol, gambling, offensive materials, products or themes, or other activities deemed by School Council to not reflect the values of the school and local community.

1.7 All agreements will comply with the National Competition Code.

1.8 Individual benefits will not accrue to any school employee as a result of sponsorship.

1.9 Relationships that will be favoured will include those that contribute to the educational benefit of students and promote physical and emotional health through lifestyle, behaviour and well-being.

1.10 A copy of all documents relating to any relationship will be filed and made available to DEET for audit purposes.

1.11 The School Council will be mindful of what potential influence a particular sponsor may have on students and therefore, when considering sponsorship and promotional proposals, will take into account the values and views of the school community as well as the school’s charter and policies.

1.12 Relations will not be considered that place conditions on the school which limits its independent functioning.

1.13 The School Council is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of all sponsorship and agreements and will review each relationship or agreement annually or more frequently if required.

1.14 Single event sponsorship such as those provided for Trivia Night, silent auctions and sporting events will also be covered by the guidelines set out in this policy.