Women and Girls in Science

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying five Year 11 girls to the Royal Women’s Hospital as part of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

This event provided the opportunity to meet some of the many amazing female scientists associated with the Woman’s Hospital and to hear their stories and about their research. I’m sure the girls will remember this experience and be inspired to pursue a career in Science.

Below are some of the girl’s thoughts of the day:

It was an eye opening experience and the day showed me that there are so many different fields and job opportunities for women in science. I enjoyed talking to the women about their journey from high school to the job that they have now!
Caitlin Morando 11D

Today we went to the Royal Women’s Hospital for a whole day experience of meeting women who work in scientific research and development. It was an amazing day as we were able to talk to so many incredible women that work so hard in their individual scientific fields. I could tell you so many different stories about all of the women that we spoke to but there is too much to write. We were taught all about their pathways and how they got to where they are today.
Iona Cameron 11A

Today, myself and four other students had the opportunity to visit the Royal Women's Hospital. There, we were able to speak with, learn from and listen to lots of female scientists with a range of interesting and unique jobs around the hospital. We got to hear about their schooling journeys and how they came to pick their current professions. It was interesting to learn about how broad the science industry is, and helped me gain insight into where I'd like to work in the future.
Mia Hannon 11B

Today, myself and a small group of girls were invited to Royal Women's Hospital, for the Meet a Female Scientist STEM event. The day started off, by everyone getting into groups and being assigned a guide. We then went to multiple actives throughout the day, some involving hands on activities and some were just a chance to network, and really discover what the medical and scientific field can offer girls. Some of my favourite activities by far, were those that allowed us to sit down and really get to know what a typical day was like for some of the researchers, doctors & nurses. We were able to really get to know their own journeys, and how they made the decision to make a career in STEM. For me this day not only provided me with valuable knowledge about endometriosis and HPV, and allow me to really understand how many options I had when it came to finding a career in STEM, but also further fuelled my desire to study and practice medicine. Overall the day was a huge success, and if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat.
Danielle Elward 11B

The trip to the Royal Women's Hospital was so much fun! We spent the day doing many different activities that everyone engaged in and taught everyone about the many different jobs in the science industry. We started the day by learning how to identify endometriosis in scans and how research the hospital is doing is making it easier to diagnose endometriosis as it is very hard to diagnose. We went to a session called 'speed dating with a scientist' where we had 3 minutes with a scientist and got to ask any questions we had, including what their job was and how the got to the job, and what led them to where they are. Many of them said that they didn't know what they were going to be in high school but just continued with the subjects they enjoyed.  This experience taught me that it's okay if you don't have any idea what you want to do in the future as there many ways to find out even after high school. I would also recommend this experience to any girl who is interested in science. 
Elisha Punay 11D