Koonung Secondary College offers a diverse Health, Physical Education and Sport Education program that caters for a range of student abilities and interests.

Physical Education
Each year level experiences a variety of activities that are designed to promote lifelong participation in Sport and Physical Education. Students actively work on developing an appreciation for physical fitness and the knowledge to develop and maintain a suitable level of fitness to aid their studies, health and future well-being.

Sport Carnivals, Competitions and Sport Education

Koonung Secondary College conducts highly successful Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals annually. These carnivals facilitate selection for school representation in the SSV Eastern Zone Carnivals. Sportingexperiences include competitions in badminton, basketball, netball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, football, soccer, tennis, golf and hockey. Many of our teams and individual athletes successfully transition to Regional and State Finals in a range of these competitions and carnivals.

All Students from Years 7 to 8 participate in Sport Education. Students engage in team games, racquet sports and elements of outdoor recreation – contributing to a sense of community and social connectedness. These are vital components of improved wellbeing.