Live Life

 Year 9 students cycle through an exciting and innovative series of modules during the year. Each module is designed to cater for their social and emotional needs at this level. This is based on the understanding that adolescents need time to explore their rights and responsibilities within society.


Live Life is an exciting program designed specifically for Koonung's Year 9 students.


The Live Life Program is developed to engage students with curricular and extra-curricular programs that are relevant, challenging, values-based, and appropriate to the specific developmental needs of adolescents. Courses emphasise problem solving skills and higher order thinking skills, and are designed to take into account individual learning styles.


In addition, adolescents need time to explore their own emotions and sense of self. The aim of Live Life is to allow them to become more self-aware as well as to prepare them to enter the adult world.


The goal of Live Life is to allow students to learn in ways that promote: 

  • A sense of individuality                                   
  • A sense of community
  • The development of values
  • A sense of self-esteem
  • An awareness of civic responsibility
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-discipline


This module is designed to raise self-awareness and allow students to explore their values and ethical beliefs. They discuss what it means to be an individual and how their belief systems develop. They explore traditional and non-traditional religious beliefs and determine how these affect our community. In addition, students look at the issues that face young people of today and learn the importance of being able to make their own decisions rather than giving in to those who try to pressure them into behaving in certain ways.


This very practical module concentrates on the skills young people need when they strike out on their own. Areas which are covered are diverse, ranging from how to find and rent a flat to how to find your way around the city. Aspects of their responsibility as voting citizens are covered, as will things such as finding a job and budgeting to pay bills. The complexities of independent living are explored and students participate in a range of practical activities designed to prepare them for reality. A further aspect of this module is the preparation students gain for work experience. Resume and job application writing are also included.



In this module, students undertake to plan, organise and complete a project which has clear aims and outcomes. This project may be to do with an area of the arts or a more practical area. Some students might choose to participate in a creative activity such as the production of a play or other performance, while another group might choose to arrange to create a multi media presentation or build a web page. The emphasis here is on the development of initiative and organisational skills. It is possible that volunteers from the community with specific skills might be recruited to help students pursue areas of interest.



Participation in this module involves students giving their time to community service. Students are allocated to various community groups such as hospitals, schools, and charitable organisations and contribute to these in a variety of ways. The experience not only helps develop valuable skills that can be translated to workplace situations, but broadens their outlook on their world, showing them aspects of their community they might not otherwise see. In addition, students are invited to undertake training in first aid and other important skills.