Koonung Secondary College has a smart, distinctive and compulsory uniform. The uniform communicates a belonging to and sense of pride and identity in the College community. The academic uniform is expected to be worn each day. The Sports Uniform is to be worn for Sport and Physical Education (practical) classes. Summer uniform is worn in terms one and four and winter uniform is worn in terms two and three.


Summer Uniform 

Koonung regulation shorts (pleated and plain styles) OR trousers: Koonung regulation grey slacks 
Koonung regulation short-sleeved white shirt, with Koonung logo 
Koonung blue striped tie- optional in summer 
Koonung regulation gingham dress (Length of dress should be between knee length and no more than 6 cms above the knee)
Koonung pullover: blue-Middle School- years 7-9; maroon-Senior School- years 10-12 
Plain white socks (no logos), that reach mid-calf if wearing shorts or dress 
Black socks that reach mid-calf if wearing long trousers 
Koonung blue blazer, which must be worn to and from school, as well as period 1 
Heat rule: the blazer is optional when predicted temperature is 25 or above (as per Bureau of Meteorology) 
Black lace-up leather, flat business shoes (Oxford style) ONLY 
Black suede shoes, T-bars, ballet shoes, soft leather shoes, skate shoes, shoes with zippers, slip-on shoes, boots and any kind of runners including black leather runners are unacceptable. Shoes like “Vans” do not meet our safety requirements and are not acceptable as school shoes 


Winter Uniform
Koonung blue striped tie (optional) 
Shirt: White long sleeved business shirt (tucked in) OR Koonung regulation JAC Short-sleeved white shirt, with
Koonung logo. OR JILL long sleeved blouse
Koonung regulation pleated skirt 
Length of winter skirt should be between knee length and no more than 6 cms above the knee. Winter skirt can be
worn with black tights or knee length black socks
Koonung regulation trousers or grey slacks /pullover/blazer socks/shoes: “see Summer uniform” 


Sports Uniform: worn for PE, Sport Education and Sports Competitions

Shorts: Navy with Koonung logo in blue embroidery, in stretch microfibre
Sports polo: Light blue with navy and white trim and the Koonung gold logo (microfibre)
Spray Jacket: Koonung sports spray jacket with Koonung logo or Koonung Soft Shell Jacket with Koonung logo (for PE/
Sport Ed classes, and all excursions where academic uniform is not worn). Can be worn over blazer to and from
school only if raining. Can be worn over blazer to and from school only if raining 
Track pants: Cotton, navy with gold Koonung logo below zipped pocket 
Runners: Lace-ups with a non-marking sole; Socks-plain white that reach mid-calf 
Sports Cap/Hat: Koonung navy blue baseball cap, with ‘est.1964’ embroidered on the back or plain navy blue broad
rimmed hat, not “bucket” style 
Sport Rugby top: Navy, light blue and white, with gold Koonung logo and ‘Koonung’ name embroidered in white 
Note: - The approved college sport uniform must be worn by students at every practical Physical Education (P.E.)
and Sport Education class. Students may wear the college’s regulation sport uniform to and from school on days
which are designated for practical PE and Sport Education sessions in place of the academic uniform. Students who do not have the regulation PE uniform, must wear the college academic uniform and change at school for practical PE lessons. Koonung sport caps are compulsory items to be worn for PE. and Sport Education classes in Terms 1 and 4. 


Mouth guards: The purchase and wearing of mouth guards for PE and Sport is strongly recommended. Students should have these with them at all times for these activities. 
It is preferred that studs/sleepers/jewellery not be worn for contact sport. At the very least they must be taped.
Lab Coat: White, poly cotton blend (for Science classes in Years 7-12, where required).
School Bag: Back Pack, with School crest in gold; Sports Bag: Sports bag – with School crest in gold.
Beanie/Scarf: College navy blue beanie with school crest in gold, College navy blue scarf with school crest in gold (Terms 2 and 3 only)

Year 12 Top
Year 12 students may wear the approved year 12 jumper/ jacket as an alternative to the college blazer in Terms 1 to 4. Note: the approved year 12 jumper/jacket is of a design chosen by student vote and is approved by the Uniform Committee.


There will be a two week changeover period at the beginning of Terms 2 and 4 to allow for weather variations, with confirmation of the changeover to be at the Principal’s discretion. Note that students are not permitted to combine winter and summer uniforms.
Please note:
Four small studs or plain sleepers in the ears may be worn. In addition, one stud discretely worn on the face, plus a watch worn on the wrist, are the only acceptable items of jewellery.
During Terms 2 and 3, students may wear plain black/blue gloves.
Hair style and colour is to be unremarkable (Extreme hair colours, e.g. green, pink or purple rinses, and/or extreme hairstyles, e.g. spikes or Mohawks, are not permitted).
Hair accessories e.g. head bands, to be blue, maroon, black or cream.
Any make-up or nail polish must be neutral and discrete.
Students are expected to keep a neat and tidy appearance at all times.
Students who are unable to be in complete uniform on any given day must bring a note to their appropriate sub school administrator explaining the reason. The uniform pass will be recorded on Compass and must be obtained prior to their first scheduled class for the school day.
The above uniform requirements are the only acceptable items of School clothing/footwear:
• a note from a parent/carer/guardian with a reason must be provided if a student is not in correct uniform and a ‘uniform pass’ must be issued if the reason is accepted
• each item of uniform must be clean and in good condition at all times
• shoes must be clean and polished
• each uniform item and the School bag must be clearly labelled with the OWNER’S NAME.



More information can be found in our Uniform Policy. 

Uniform Policy



Dobson's Uniform Shop

All new uniform items are available from Dobsons Uniform Shop located at 274 Doncaster Rd North Balwyn.  


Dobsons has upgraded their website which allows parents to browse and purchase uniforms online.   Uniform orders can be delivered to home or office and offer immediate ‘click & collect’. The link to purchase uniforms online is https://dobsons.com.au/schools/koonung/


Any questions please contact Dobsons customer service via sales@dobsons.com.au or 8788 7500
Ph:  98163366     Email:  greythorn@dobsons.com.au



Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our PFA run secondhand school uniform shop operates on campus and is located next to the library


Opening Hours and Inquiries

Please contact the Uniform Shop on 9897 4726 during shop hours (Fridays from 1:15pm to 3.30pm) or email secondhanduniforms@koonung.vic.edu.au with any queries.


Second Hand Items

Families wishing to sell second hand items must ensure blazers are dry cleaned and all other items are laundered prior to sale. A second hand uniform lodgement form must be completed when items are submitted to the uniform shop. Forms can be downloaded here and are available at the Uniform Shop.  Items for lodgement need to be delivered during opening hours at the shop or to the General Office.

Credit Cards
Please note that students wishing to buy uniform items using their parent's credit card, must present a completed credit card authority form at the time of purchase. This form is available from the Uniform Shop.


Second hand uniform lodgement form