Avalon Air Show

AIR4 is a series of events aimed at showing students the careers and lifestyles available to them by following the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics educational pathways.

AIR4 hosted an event at the Avalon Air Show with a  focus on the space industry and showcasing the next exciting chapter  in bringing STEM to students. The Aerospace edition at the air show provided an opportunity to learn from the best men and women in STEM from Boeing, Qantas, Mars, WIR, Virgin, Raytheon, Thales, The Defence Science and Technology Group, The Royal Australian Air Force, RMIT, and many more.

Last Thursday  Year 9 students who are currently in the  Experimental Science  class were fortunate enough to attend the Australian International Air Show with Aerospace AIR4. The day began with a train ride into the city to Southern Cross Station and then from there we took a V-Line train to South Geelong. It was a long 2 hour ride but eventually we arrived. Once there we were briefly able to look around at all the models of planes and helicopters and later with more detail. We started off by going inside the Aerospace indoor centre which contained many stations throughout the tent. Some included flying simulators, automated aerial delivery bots, personalised flying transport, VR experiences and many more technology related activities. Later on in the day we went outside and we were able to get a closer look at all of the military aircrafts from not only the Royal Australian Air Force but also the United States Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defence Force and Republic of Singapore Air Force. We were educated on how each aircraft operated and when they were/ are being used. We also got to see a few of the aircrafts in action, the Super Hornet being my favourite as it travelled faster than the speed of sound. After a long, educational, hot 40-degree day we returned to Box Hill  by train having  all enjoyed a great experience at the Australian International Air Show.

Max Dooley 9E