Digital Learning

1:1 Device Program

Koonung Secondary College is a universal One to One device school. Our One to One program is hugely successful and gives students and their teachers more opportunity to work and learn in a 21st Century context. Students learn to navigate and research in the digital landscape and become responsible cyber citizens. They have access to a huge variety of global resources to improve their learning, using technology to create, communicate, and demonstrate understanding.

Although students may not use their device in every class, it is an essential learning tool and they will need their device every day to access digital textbooks, resources and complete learning activities for all their subjects, both at school and at home.



Compass is our online administrative portal for families, students and teachers. Students use Compass to access:

  • daily updates to their class and co-curricular timetables             
  • excursion and event information
  • school notices and communications
  • email teachers
  • semester reports.

Acceptable use

We have an Acceptable Use Agreement that outlines the requirements and expectations for students when using devices and the school network. All students and parents or carers are required to read, understand and sign this agreement at the start of the school year.

eSafety website